The quiet revolution in home mowers


The #1 selling brand of walk-behind transmissions for petro mowers now features the first variable speed drives for electric mowers.

ME312, ME512

The Element V Electric transmission answers the call for cost-efficient, reliable, robust power for residential battery-powered walk-behinds. Belt-free, dual-shaft design separates blade speed from ground speed for optimal cutting power. Precision engineering and extensive real-world testing ensures quiet yet powerful performance with no fumes and no fuss.

Innovation for Performance

  • Beltless design delivers added power for handling hills and thick turf
  • Integrated differential eliminates the need for vulnerable free-wheel systems
  • Glass fiber composite housing resists impact, withstands twisting and flexing, and will never rust or corrode

Convenience by Design

  • Lightweight materials provide easy handling around play sets and plantings
  • Speed control allows operators to mow at their own pace
  • Rugged construction is factory-lubricated to last the lifetime of the mower
  • Increased drive efficiency maximizes battery life and extends mowing time

Flexible Configurations

Element V Electric offers two power configurations to meet the growing consumer demand for electric mowers. Both drives include dual automatic clutch, 0- to 470-rpm output speed capacity, and are available with clockwise or counterclockwise output shaft rotation configurations.  At 250 watts, the ME 312 can accommodate mower weight up to 25 kg, delivers 3 Nm of continuous torque and is compatible with 36-volt power supplies. At 500 watts, the more muscular ME 512 can handle up to 45 kg of mower weight, with 5 Nm of continuous torque. It also works with 36-volt, 56-volt and 72-volt power packs.

Other voltage requirements are available upon request.

World’s first variable-speed electric drive.