The quiet revolution in residential mowers

The largest manufacturer of walk-behind transmissions now brings the world’s first variable-speed electric transmission to the growing electric lawn mower market.

The advancement of variable speed for self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers, the improvement of lithium batteries as a power source, and growing consumer satisfaction account for the growing popularity and acceptance of electric lawn mowers.

Electric lawn mowers are environmentally friendly, quieter than fuel-operated mowers, and emit no noxious fumes. They rely on simple household electric current as a power source. There is no risk of gas or oil spills leaking into the ground.

Lithium battery powered mowers, when combined with variable speed, self-propelled transmissions, deliver between 30 - 60 minutes of mowing capacity that is definitely enough for most yards. Hilly terrain or thick, wet turf can affect the power. But the latest self-propelled brands with 40-volt to 80-volt power packs can deliver 2 to 8 amps of power. That can cover lawns as large as a quarter acre, typical for most single-family homes.

“Electric mowers can cut grass with the best of traditional mowers, and many of the newer self-propelled models offer bagging and mulching options now.”  Consumer Reports® 

Brands that feature variable speed transmissions

Many top companies including DR Power Equipment, Ryobi, Craftsman and Kobalt offer a range of styles and models for battery-powered, self-propelled, walk-behind lawn mowers that feature the unique and efficient variable speed transmission designed by GT.

First one on your block?  Discover how the new generation of battery-powered lawn mowers can transform mowing in your own back yard.

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World's first variable-speed electric drive

ME312, ME512, ME522

The ME Series of electric transmissions answers the call for cost-efficient, reliable, and robust power for residential battery-powered walk-behinds. Belt-free, dual-shaft design separates blade speed from ground speed for optimal cutting power. Precision engineering and extensive, real-world testing ensures quiet yet powerful performance with no fumes and no fuss.


  • Beltless design delivers added power for hills and thick turf
  • Integrated differential eliminates the need for vulnerable free-wheel systems
  • Composite housing resists impact, withstands twisting and flexing, and will never rust or corrode

Designed for convenience

  • Speed control allows operators to mow at their own pace
  • Lightweight materials contribute to easy handling
  • Increased drive efficiency maximizes battery life and extends mowing time
  • Factory lubricated for life

Flexible Configurations

The ME Series offers several power configurations to meet the growing consumer demand for electric mowers. All drives include dual automatic clutch, variable output speed capacity, and are available with clockwise or counterclockwise output shaft rotation configurations.