Development and Testing

GT products endure the most thorough and rigorous concept, quality, performance and endurance testing in the industry.

Drive designs are developed for tough real-world problems. Components and materials are tested and proven before going into prototypes. Prototypes are subjected to more stress, torque, extreme temperatures and heavy use than any user would apply – then torn down, examined, improved and tested again. Final designs survive hundreds of hours of bench and field tests, extreme heat, cold, aridity and humidity, and thousands of endurance repetitions before going into production – all to ensure absolute reliability in use.



If a custom solution is needed, highly skilled engineers turn exact customer requirements into the most cost-efficient, thoroughly-proven drive system possible. A system the customer can count on to add value, performance and appeal to a product.

Each and every GT drive system is tough-tested and trouble-free: the most innovative, dependable and satisfying drive you can buy.