Element V technology: simpler, lighter, stronger, better.

Every product that carries the Element V name represents best-in-class performance, thanks to relentless research and development, new  materials that are lighter and tougher, always-improving production methods, and among the most rigorous lab and field testing in the industry. Element V innovations make single-speed systems more reliable, variable-speed drives smoother, ride-on automatic transmissions simpler and stronger, and snow transmissions more effective and easier to use.Whatever the drive method, Element V finds a way to make it better.

V-Motion™ technology uses a lean, efficient design to deliver maximum power to cutting deck and drive wheels, making the most of engine power and reducing drive system temperature for less wear and longer life. Element V transmissions use heavy-duty, maintenance-free belts that are built to handle extreme loads and acceleration in rugged conditions. Simple single-lever control makes operation easy. The transmission itself is protected by its Vault housing, a glass fiber reinforced composite case that resists impact, heat, cold, heavy loads and torque.

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