MA 502

Automatic clutch transmission for rear-wheel drive, intensive residential mowers or professional applications. Clutching is engaged by tensioning the drive belt. The split output shaft allows the outer wheel to disengage when turning, thus eliminating the free-wheel system in the wheels.

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Recommended Max Mower Weight*55 kg
Residential / Commercial UseCommercial
Clutch TypeAutomatic
Number of Speeds1
Single / Dual ShaftDual
Front / Rear Wheel DriveRear
Rotation DirectionOpposite to wheels
Available Ratios(4,5:1), (5,25:1), (7:1), (10,5:1)
Housing MaterialComposite
Dimensions (mm)130x97x74
Weight (kg)1

* Weight limitation for reference only. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to check conformity to transmission usage limitations.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth start
  • Speed / torque adjustment by feathering the control bail
  • Split output shaft
  • Lubricated for life