RM 300

the RM 300 is GT’s drive solution for the ever growing lawn robot market.
Integrating some of the proven design features of the ME series, the RM 300 has been engineered to comply with specific requirements in terms of noise, life time and torque.


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Wheel Diameter235 nm
Robot Speed0.45 m/s
Robot weight15 kg
Rated Torque (@max efficiency)3.0 Nm
Rated Power (@max efficiency)11.7 W
Rated Speed (@max efficiency)37 rpm
Peak Torque7 Nm
Speed and Power at Peak TorqueTBD
Transmission RatioR 33 : 1
Estimated Transmission Efficiency85%
Rated Motor Torque0.113 Nm
Rated Motor Speed1327 rpm
Rated Motor Power15.7 W
Estimated Motor Efficiency 80% max
Estimated System Efficiency68%